Aurum is back!

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Aurum is back!

Postby Mezzy » Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:24 am

Aurum is recruiting for progression in Hellfire Citadel. Due to recruitment being so difficult during Blackrock Foundry with so many players quitting the game, as we moved into our 3rd year of being a guild, we decided to attempt to merge with another guild based on the same server as us.

Unfortunately after a month or so we realized that the members of Aurum had different raiding ideals to the guild we merged with and it wouldn't work in the long run. We have made the decision to rebuild Aurum with a strong raid team that share the same ideals of an enjoyable raiding and guild atmosphere whilst being focused during raids and always coming prepared with knowledge of the raid instance and the bosses within as well as consumables etc.

Be sure to check out how to apply on our recruitment forums, or contact one of our officers via their battletags Satariel#2157 and Naathwen#2738. You can check the video guides of our current kills over at the official fansite WoW Weekly!
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